Q: What are the different types of CCTV Cameras?

A: There are a few different types of CCTV Cameras are Dome Camera, C-mount Camera, Day/Night and Bullet Camera.  The CCTV company that you choose will be able to show you all the different CCTV Cameras that are available and will advise on the best cameras for you.

Q: How do infrared cameras work?

A: The camera itself has infrared lenses so that when it becomes dark it will act as a ‘light’ to capture any images in the dark, it switched from colour to black and white.

Q: Are wireless CCTV cameras better than CCTV cable cameras?

A: An expert will tell you that wireless cameras are popular however there are numerous problems with the wireless CCTV Cameras they are poor quality at most times but best is to speak to the CCTV Company see what they recommend. If you are looking for a low end CCTV System then wireless CCTV Cameras will be the best option.

Q: What happens if there is an incident that occurred but you are not on the property?

A: This is the best thing about CCTV Systems they record live time and you are able to go back to the incident as it saves to an archive. It records the incident as it happens and you are able to go back to the date and time of it.

Q: Can CCTV Cameras Move?

A: Yes, you can get CCTV Cameras that can move, they have sensors in them.

Q: Can I view images from CCTV Cameras on my phone?

A: Yes the CCTV System can be linked to your phone for view of your property whilst no there.